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“Looking for the Found” is a piece depicting the depressive psychological effects of negativity, or even conservatism, in one’s daily life. Having a strict schedule or a steady work life is something every student aims to achieve in such a chaotic and changing world. However, while focusing on such a chaotic and changing world, we tend to overlook its progressive nature– and progression is relieving.

It's fitting that the inspiration for my piece is very much my life. I live in our progressive world. I have a strict schedule, the steady work life. But with that comes so many expectations, so many guides to forcefully steer myself in the “right path.” But what is the “right path?” As a daughter of immigrant parents, brought up from struggle and love, I’ve felt nothing but gratitude for those who show the slightest of support. But gratitude shouldn’t mean submission. I love science, but
art has always been a part of my life as well. I should respect both identities, and embrace the fact that my life has never been just one path.

After all, neuroscience is an art. It's unpredictable, confusing, yet euphoric. It's growing and debateful, but never submissive to critics. It's proud of it’s eccentric nature and embraces every passionate mind. There is no right and wrong– only discovery.

My first painting was acrylic paint, much like this one. I fell in love with the pliable, yet definite lines formed by my well-loved, frayed, brushes. Relatable to my life, certain aspects of the world are definite, but with a little shaping, you can make it yours. We are given the gifts of the world by chance. But as many of us are told from a youthful age, we dictate our own destiny.

This piece depicts my destiny, and I’ve been blessed with multiple. I’m also blessed to live in a world that embraces such a progressive nature. I am capable of following a path of books and knowledge, my dream since I was a little girl. But as one grows, they discover the creative, even rebellious side of the world; filled with creativity, brevity, and honorable deeds–the real world. A world which rips up every page from a textbook and leaves you with empty words to piece together to your own tune. And I am capable of following that path as well.

And so, I’ve painted this conflict. I hope that every audience finds sadness, confusion, or relief in the presence of this piece– I hope they see their own conflict.

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