Curious to learn more about neuroscience straight from the literature, but finding it difficult to get a start? Interested in finding a community of like-minded students?

Consider attending the Grey Matters Journal Club, where you can learn about neuroscience from the presenter's topic of choice!

No prior scientific knowledge is required, nor will you need to have finished reading the paper. This is a judgment-free zone hoping to foster curiosity and learning, regardless of your educational background.

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Journal Club leadership applications are currently closed for 2023-2024.

General Information

Journal Club is typically hosted every two weeks in the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) 427, typically on Mondays from 6PM to 7PM unless otherwise noted. During dead week and finals, there is no Journal Club.

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Meeting Information

Date: May 13th, 2024
Meeting time: 6:00 to 7:00 PM
Location: HSEB 427 (Zoom)
Paper topic: Testing predictions from personality neuroscience: Brain structure and the Big Five (DeYoung, 2010)
Presenter: Richard Li (he / him)

You’ve probably taken a personality test just for fun, but have you ever wondered about whether it has a biological basis in the brain? In this upcoming Journal Club, we will be taking a look at the brain regions related to these personality traits. For example, will the trait of conscientiousness relate to areas of the brain that mediate planning and inhibition? Come to Journal Club to see what these traits could say about your brain!

No prior neuroscience experience is needed to attend, nor do you need to read the paper beforehand.

Pre-Submit Questions

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Feedback Form

If you have any feedback after the meeting, please let us know. Journal Club is meant for you, after all!

Mandatory Attendance for First-Time Authors and Editors

If you’re entering production for the first time on the Grey Matters Journal Production or Snippet teams, attending at least one Grey Matters Journal Club meeting is mandatory.

Why is it Mandatory?

This is because Journal Club has similar goals to the production team, and therefore first-time authors and editors would benefit from:

  • Learning how to communicate complex topics and research papers to the public in a concise and understandable manner
  • Observing from experienced senior Grey Matters members and others
  • Connecting with the wider Grey Matters community

Meeting Archives

Check out the Grey Matters Journal Club Archives if you missed a meeting or are interested in looking through old Journal Club content!

Article Access

Quite a few of our articles will need to be accessed via paid journals, so we highly recommend using the UW Proxy Bookmarklet to access this content instead. If you're still having trouble accessing, feel free to contact us at or talk to us after a meeting!

Interested in Presenting?

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