Editor-in-Chief, Events Coordinator: Chloe Dahleen

Hi everyone! My name is Chloe Dahleen and I am a senior at UW majoring in neuroscience and minoring in bioethics. My current research is in the neurodegeneration field — I’m learning about the interactions between tau and tubulin, and how tubulin may prove to have therapeutic uses in the fight against tauopathic disease. I’m especially interested in the intersection of neuroscience, language, and public/global health, and lately I’ve been pursuing neuroethics research with the Neuroethics Thrust at UW looking at how the ways we communicate about science influence our interactions with health, medicine, and new technologies. To me, one of the most beautiful aspects of neuroscience is how integrative and interdisciplinary the field is — it is an endlessly fascinating amalgamation of biology, philosophy, and social science, allowing us to grapple with the human experience at its core. When I’m not attending class, working in the lab, or volunteering, you can find me reading a good book, taking long walks on campus, or baking!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I love Grey Matters because of its unique niche as a deeply scientific journal that utilizes many other disciplines — art, English, philosophy, and more — to create a stunning product each quarter. Built by undergraduates to break down barriers of access to neuroscience, Grey Matters is more than just a publication: it is a team of dedicated students building a brighter and more diverse future for the field. Working with, and forming friendships with, these students has been the highlight of my undergraduate experience, and learning from their ideas and experiences has inspired me in myriad ways. With a mission to make STEM accessible to everyone and to help students develop key skills in art, writing, and leadership, Grey Matters is a place for any student hoping to enrich their college experience!

Editor-in-Chief, Events Coordinator: Jaydev Bhateja

Hi everyone! My name is Jay and I’m thrilled to be a senior pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Computer Science at the UW! I hope to synthesize these two fields and use them to inform each other, improving technology to analyze neural data, and using neural data to inform the way we design vast informational systems like neural networks. I currently work in the Steinmetz lab on the former of these goals, and enjoy exploring vast troves of spikes. It is beyond stimulating to study the two most intelligent entities in the known world.

When I’m not drowning in STEM classes, I love to sing, dance, and write. My culture is a huge part of who I am, and also of what I do: I learn South Asian languages for fun, including Punjabi, Urdu, and Sanskrit. I sing South Asian music, and have danced Kathak for 4 years. You may recognize me in my signature traditional pathani salwar, music in hand, singing or dancing (and sometimes both) on the way to class or lab. If you do, come say hi! :D

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Grey Matters is the most established neuroscience RSO on campus, and has helped me develop my skills in a wide variety of areas, from translating advanced research articles to fundraising and event planning. I cannot help but admire the amazing quality of the work that happens here, and am privileged to be a part of it. I look forward to continuing to make an impact on the UW and Seattle community by growing Grey Matters’ budget, article corpus, and reach. Additionally, I am over the moon about our expansion into a YouTube channel, podcasts, diversity initiatives, and other chapters!

Senior Editor: Carter Bass

Hi everyone! My name is Carter, and I’m currently a senior pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Biochemistry. I am also a student researcher helping investigate interactions in the biologically vital mTOR pathway that change in mice neurons as a result of common mutations implicated in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including Shank3, Fmr1, and Homer1. I have loved exploring the diverse areas of neuroscience during my time at the UW and have enjoyed caring for patients afflicted with various neurodegenerative disorders and diseases, and I hope to carry these passions into a career in medicine as a neurologist. When I’m not working in the lab or studying for exams, you can usually find me in the gym, writing music, or cooking with friends!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I first joined Grey Matters in autumn quarter of my freshman year as an Editor in hopes of integrating myself into a community of science-oriented students who shared an interest in neuroscience with myself. Since then, I’ve been continually impressed by the outstanding work of my leadership colleagues and the academic and creative efforts of our many members. Grey Matters has consistently proven its ability to transform a practically esoteric field of study into a larger scientific exploration any unknowledgeable person can dive into, understand, and share. Working with Grey Matters has been a great way for me to hone my writing skills, digestion of primary scientific literature, and understanding of research methodology, and as a student dedicated to pursuing a career in medicine, this experience could not have been more valuable. If you are interested in science and are seeking an activity to enhance your time at the UW, Grey Matters is the place to be!

Head of Operations: Khushi Yadav

Hi! My name is Khushi and I'm a sophomore at UW, majoring in Neuroscience and planning to minor in disability studies and data science. My favorite things about neuroscience are neuropharmacology, addiction, and neurodegeneration. I currently work in the Bruchas and Stella labs studying the effects of THC in the prefrontal cortex via oral consumption in mice, and have researched amyloid beta's role in Alzheimer’s disease causation and progression in the past. In my spare time, I love to sing and write music, creep myself out by binge watching horror movies, and create an infinite number of schedules and to-do lists to organize my life.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Ever since I was in elementary school, my favorite two subjects have been science and english, and when I first heard about this club, I was ready to burst with excitement. And while getting to write and read about neuroscience is super cool, what makes Grey Matters unique (and why I love it so much) is that there’s a supportive community here. From discord messages in the middle of the night recommending which classes to take, to being able to hop on a meeting with someone and navigate through work together- everyone is always eager to help. And that energy is carried on to the rest of the community, with Grey Matters always being the first to point out its flaws and constantly taking steps to increase accessibility and understanding for all audiences.

Design Director: Carolina Gokingco

Hello! I’m Carolina (class of 2023), currently majoring in physiology at the UW. I’m part of a lab with a focus on the genetics of aging, so Grey Matters often covers the intersections of the two, be it through the discussion of neurodegenerative disorders, circadian rhythms, and more. Outside the lab or classroom, I spend a decent amount of time in the bouldering gym, at the pool, or at some table with some friends playing Settlers of Catan or Bananagrams.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Seeing the physical journal at the RSO fair—the quality of the articles’ art and writing! They were incredibly beautiful, and I was pretty much sold after seeing a stereotypically-daunting subject like neuroscience appear so artful and compelling. Additionally, I love Grey Matter’s mission of making neuroscience more engaging and accessible to a wider audience, so it’s been incredibly rewarding to learn how layout design can further that mission by bridging the science and art together.

Outreach Director: Brandon Wu

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon, and I am a junior studying Public Health and Neuroscience. More specifically, I am passionate about learning how to address mental health on a population-wide scale with an equity centered mindset. However, my current lab research in the UW Diabetes Institute is on using mice models to explore the neural mechanisms of hunger/obesity and how it relates to thermoregulation. Through learning about these topics and many others along the way, I’ve learned that since it gives a portal into the inner workings of our consciousness, neuroscience is important to every realm of study. This is what drew me to it originally and is why I continue to be fascinated by it. Outside of school, I love everything music related whether it be marching with the Husky Marching Band, playing old big band jazz tunes, or just listening to Andy Grammer on spotify!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Grey Matters was the very first extracurricular I found in fall of freshman year, and it has since been a highlight of my time at UW. From the welcoming community, to the exhilaration of being able to publish in an undergraduate journal, to now hosting brain dissections for K-12 students, Grey Matters has been the definition of college academic freedom to learn and grow with a group of other passionate students. Not only has it helped me with soft skills such as scientific writing and public speaking, but it has also helped me learn how to effectively research a topic, connect to the community, and work together with a tireless leadership team. I’m looking forward to another wonderful year in Grey Matters!

Finance Director: Rishabh Chowhan

Hey y’all! My name is Rishabh Chowhan, and I’m a third-year student in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, intending to double major in Neuroscience. I am especially interested in research related to neurodegenerative diseases and neurosurgery, and I plan on going to medical school to hopefully become a neurosurgeon one day! In my spare time, I watch anime, build legos, skate (not very well), listen to music, and draw!

I’m from the Bay Area in California, and although it’s my second year on campus, I still feel like I have so much to explore in Seattle and the surrounding areas! I'm trying to meet as many people as possible, so if you’re ever bored or want to explore parts of Seattle definitely reach out! I’m super psyched for this year, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone soon! Have an amazing year, and say hi if you see me on campus!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I’ve always been passionate about science and although I’ve been especially interested in neuroscience, the field seemed particularly intimidating to me. I felt this even more so at UW, so I was looking for a community where I could comfortably learn more about neuroscience, engage with others who are equally passionate about the field and feel less of the cutthroat pressure and more support. Grey Matters checked off all those boxes for me because of how this group of passionate individuals facilitates a beautiful STEM/Humanities intersection, weaving together science, art, and writing, all to make neuroscience more accessible!

Diversity Director: Yahir Gonzalez

Hello friends! My name is Yahir and I am a sophomore looking to major in neuroscience or biology on the pre-medicine track. I currently work with the Golden Lab studying the neural mechanisms of aggression, addiction, and depression with an emphasis on social defeat stress. I am interested in how historical trauma and current systemic injustices play a role in the psychiatric disorders that marginalized populations (particularly in rural areas) develop and the destigmatization of treatment for such disorders in these communities. Outside of academics I really enjoy spending time in community - whether that be attending concerts, playing sports, or taking names in Super Smash Bros. If you have any questions about joining the Outreach Team, please do not hesitate to reach out! :)

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Accessibility and equity have always been at the forefront of all my efforts, I often found myself invested in collectives with the mission of uplifting the human condition. Grey Matters is no different in their goal to make neuroscience accessible for all. Coming from an underrepresented background myself, when I learned that I could be involved in the development of a project that would encourage underserved communities to pursue their interests in neuroscience - I knew I had to jump at the opportunity! In the words of one of my favorite activists, Dr. Angela Davis, “It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism.” Similarly, I believe that Grey Matters is doing their part in building a future where science is more inclusive and accessible for everyone, regardless of their background - and to me, this is something worth celebrating.

Marketing Director: Zainab Nasir

Hi! My name is Zainab, and I’m a sophomore intending to major in Neuro, minoring in Bioethics, Computational Neuro, and Data Science! I’m currently part of the Schwartz Lab at the UW Medicine Diabetes Institute and analyzing data as part of the GRID Lab at UW Neurosurgery. I love rating and exploring new places in the city, watching k-dramas, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Initially, I joined Grey Matters as an editor, because I was too nervous to start writing. I stayed on as an editor for two more quarters because I loved the community it brought and the new topics I was learning about throughout the editing process. Grey Matters allowed me to learn about more complicated neuroscience topics with a community of people who shared similar interests with me. I am excited to be part of the Grey Matters Marketing team, where I can expand sharing my interests with the UW community alongside all of you!

Store Director: Virginia Wang

Hiya! My name is Virginia and I am a current sophomore at UW majoring in electrical and computer engineering w/ a minor in neural computation and engineering! I am currently interested in combining ECE and neuroscience to study the neural circuitry of social behavior. In my free time, I love to listen to true crime podcasts, crochet, and cook :)

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I first worked with Grey Matters during my senior year of high school, where my shop (The Omi Shop on Etsy) collaborated with the club to create merchandise! I have always loved the intersection between the arts and science, and Grey Matters combines the two in a way that resonates with my interests. Grey Matters is truly an amazing RSO at the UW. It’s ability to inspire, teach, and collaborate are unparalleled.

Art Director: Allison Li

Hello everyone! My name is Allison, and I’m a senior majoring in computer science and biochemistry. I currently work at the Bedford lab at Fred Hutch, and I do bioinformatics work on computational phylogenetics and virus evolution (including Norovirus and COVID). In my free time, I love to do digital art, acrylic painting, and watercolors.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Grey Matters has given me a diverse community of people who are not just interested in neuroscience and research, but also involved in interdisciplinary subjects such as art, design, literature, etc. Everyone is so accepting and welcoming, and I love seeing new perspectives on interdisciplinary research and making science more accessible to the public. I also love forming new friendships, and being able to see familiar faces in my classes :)

Editing Coordinator: Jane Chea

Hi everyone, I’m Jane! I’m currently a senior and majoring in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology at the UW. I’m really interested in how the regulation of our genes play an integral role in basically every process in our bodies and how our different molecular systems interact to allow us to function normally in our day-to-day lives. In my spare time, I’ve been enjoying painting, watching TV shows on Netflix, playing games, and hanging with friends!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Reading about existing and upcoming scientific research and writing are two things that I love! When I saw that Grey Matters had a scientific journal published every quarter, I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to take part in both of my interests. After joining, I’ve been able to do just that and met inspiring individuals that have a passion for neuroscience and for writing. Their experience has taught me so much about how to make science more accessible and engaging in ways that I had not learned before. Furthermore, being able to be at the forefront of producing a journal filled with creative topics, compelling writing, and breathtaking art are now some of the few things that I love about Grey Matters. Being able to learn about so many new things in neuroscience, biology, and psychology is what has inspired me to keep exploring and diving into my interests. I hope that Grey Matters can serve as a way for other people to connect with others who share the same interests as them and to cultivate their passions too!

Production Manager, Social Media Officer: Phoenix Davis

Hi y’all! My name is Phoenix. I’m a junior majoring in Biology with an emphasis in physiology. I’m currently researching at the Bruchas Lab helping to uncover the neurological relationship between stress and binge eating as well as new project I will be taking on studying the role of Neuropeptide S in natural and drug seeking behaviors specifically within the release of NPS from the locus coeruleus to the orbitofrontal cortex. I have a tremendous passion for studying the biochemical mechanisms behind addiction and mental illness in the brain and the possible pharmacological treatments for said diseases .Currently, so much about the brain has yet to be discovered, especially within my specific interest. Being able to pioneer a new frontier that has the ability to benefit an astounding number of people is why I fell in love with neuroscience.

When I’m not in class, the lab, or volunteering you can find me playing violin in the Campus Philharmonic Orchestra, reading a good book, beating everyone at Mario Kart, or snuggling up with my cat for a nap.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Grey Matters is an astounding RSO determined to expose undergraduates and people of the community to neuroscience through group discussions of science research topics, public events, and even allows undergraduates to write on relevant subjects they find fascinating. The initial thing that drew me to Grey Matters was the exquisite quality and accessibility of their articles. It was even more astounding that all of the production was done by undergraduates. My first quarter I decided to take a leap of faith and ended up writing my own article. I loved the experience, and have been involved with Grey Matters ever since. Grey Matters has helped me develop my ability to analyze sometimes daunting and dense scientific research papers, and translate them into something artistically creative and beautiful. I have also learned how to successfully work with a team, and made numerous friends through the process. I am excited to see Grey Matters continuously expand and reach more and more people around Seattle.

Production Manager: Ian Guan

Hi! My name is Ian and I’m currently a senior studying molecular biology and English writing. My interests within this field largely pertain to pharmaceuticals and how our medicines interact with our brain to contribute to issues like addiction and neurological change. I am also really big on science communication and education, as I love spreading new concepts to new audiences and learning how others learn by writing and speaking.  

When I’m not writing, speaking, or editing, I enjoy volunteering with local youth groups, going on food crawls in the city, and going all-in on the poker table.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I’ve always valued simplicity in teaching the most cutting-edge and new topics within a field. Neuroscience is an emerging field rife with new findings that have large impacts on our daily lives, but so much of these findings are poorly disseminated. Many research articles are locked behind paywalls, and when you do get through the paywalls, they are filled with so much technical jargon that makes you rethink your decision of paying to learn about these findings. Grey Matters offers an opportunity to learn and, most importantly, create our own articles that combine the complexity of cutting-edge research with the simplicity of communication to a wide audience. The article production team consisting of UW undergraduates, leadership members, and mentors provide a space that ensures scientific accuracy without sacrificing accessibility.

Production Manager: Meena Shanmugam

Hi! I’m Meena and I’m a senior majoring in microbiology. My introduction to neuroscience began with me learning of my grandmother’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease. Through working with a lab in high school that focused on neurodegenerative diseases and PD in particular, I was able to gain a better understanding of PD and how it was affecting my grandmother over the years. My academic interests are in neurodegenerative diseases, mental health awareness, the gut-brain axis, and the inextricable link between environmental health and gut health. I’m part of a lab where I design plasmids and gene knockouts using CRISPR to decipher what particular genes enable certain cyanobacterial species to resist climate change over billions of years. I also contribute to a team of researchers that evaluate recently developed gastrointestinal endoscopy techniques. In my free time, you’ll find me listening to The Weeknd, playing tennis, and spending time with friends and family.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I’ve always found writing to be my medium of choice when it comes to communication. I love how each word has multiple emotions associated with it, and that each emotion can be conveyed with a multitude of words. When I heard of Grey Matters in my sophomore year, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to combine my interest in neuroscience with my passion for writing into making neuroscience accessible for a wide variety of audiences. Grey Matters has introduced me to many topics in neuroscience and connected me to a diverse group of learners in the scientific research community as well. It’s really wonderful that Grey Matters challenges the rigidity of science and allows for freedom of expression, blurring the lines between science and art. Being involved with Grey Matters has motivated me to dive into scientific papers with a newfound sense of engagement, and for that I’ll always be thankful.

Content Manager: Brielle Arnold

Hi! My name is Brielle Arnold and I am a second-year at UW majoring in neuroscience with minors in writing and bioethics. I am fascinated with the dynamic capabilities of the central nervous system, inspiring my current role as an undergraduate researcher in the Moorjani Lab studying the electrophysiology of chronic spinal cord injury and its treatments. When I’m not at lab or in class, I love to get outside, write, read, make coffee, cook, or jam out to music!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Improving scientific literacy is a passion of mine, matching perfectly with Grey Matters’ mission of making scientific information more accessible. The highlight of my undergraduate experience so far has been the Grey Matters outreach team. It is so rewarding to share neuroscience knowledge and college advice with local high school students. The more I got plugged into Grey Matters, the more I found myself surrounded by a community with passions similar to mine, but in varying disciplines such as art, philosophy, writing, computer science, and more. I’m honored to be a leader on this team, and excited to create neuroscience content that highlights the tireless, humble, and inspirational work of the people on this team.

Special Projects Manager: Hayden Goldberg

Hi everyone! My name is Hayden Goldberg and I’m a senior majoring in political science and economics. Yep, that’s right. You don’t need to be a STEM major to be involved in Grey Matters. On the production side of things, I usually serve as a (core) editor and help guide authors through the drafting process and make sure their explanations are clear and accessible. On the operations side of Grey Matters, I assist other leadership members on project and program development and spend a lot of time thinking about what the future of Grey Matters could look like. Outside of Grey Matters, I follow my intellectual curiosity wherever it takes me. You can usually find me nerding out on statistics or books, working on my rhetorical research project, encouraging people to vote, rowing, skiing, or training for triathlons.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I joined Grey Matters as an editor because I wanted to challenge myself to help others produce clear and concise explanations of complex topics. Neuroscience always sounded really neat to me, and this was a great opportunity to target both of these interests. I’ve stuck around because it's where I found my best friends.

Design Officer, Journal Club Coordinator: Srinidhi Naidu

Hello! My name is Srinidhi Naidu, and I’m a second year intending to double major in neuroscience and applied computation mathematical sciences, with minors in architecture and neural computation and engineering. I’m really interested in studying the fundamental computations that underlie the neural coding of sensory information, and I currently work in the Tuthill lab studying the neural computations that occur at the interface of proprioception and movement in the Drosophila ventral nerve cord. Outside of academics, I’m also a part of the UW rock climbing team, so you can find me at the climbing gym, outdoors with friends, and occasionally jumping into the Montlake Cut.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I found out about Grey Matters the summer before my freshman year at UW, and after reading through one of the journals, I knew that this was an RSO that I wanted to be really involved in. As a freshman and sophomore, I feel like it's really hard to find a solid community of neuroscience majors, and outside of my research lab, Grey Matters was the first place where I truly felt like I had found a community of like-minded students who shared a love for learning and sharing knowledge. Additionally, neuroscience is also  an inherently interdisciplinary subject, and I think that Grey Matters mimics this by bringing together science, art, english, design, and more to produce a beautiful and informative journal at the end of every quarter. Grey Matters’s mission is to make science accessible to the general public, and as a part of this RSO, I’ve seen the multitude of ways that we as undergraduates can make an impact on the UW and surrounding Seattle community. I’m really proud to be a part of this RSO, and I’m excited for this upcoming school year!

Design Officer: Annie Lee

Hello everyone! My name is Annie, a senior majoring in Biology-Physiology at UW and on a pre-dental track. I have taken some neuroscience classes in the past, which got me interested in neurobiology. I work at Dr.Chi lab for UWSOD as a research assistant, where I get to assist dentists giving free dental exams to specific populations and use the data to see how income levels, mental health, diet, age and other factors play into oral health. I also work at Dr. Kim’s dental office as a dental assistant. In my free time, I like to walk around while listening to music, hang out with friends, and drink good coffee or boba!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Taking Neurobio/psychology classes enlightened me about the beauty and complexity of the human brain and its functions. I see the need to educate people about psychology and neuroscience that is easy for the general public to understand. Grey Matters bases this mission statement and strives to make overwhelming scientific journals more easy and accessible. Everyone in this community has passion for what they do, and are very close to each other. Designing has always been what I wanted to take part of during my college years, so joining Grey Matters and taking a part of as a design officer has been a great journey so far!

Marketing Officer: Esha Patel

Hello! My name is Esha Patel and I am a sophomore at the UW intending to major in Neuroscience. I am currently contributing to two research labs: the Stetson Lab here in Washington which studies sensory pathways in the immune system to develop better immunotherapies for cancer and vaccines and the Clelland Lab at UCSF which is creating CRISPR gene editing therapies for neurodegenerative diseases such as FTD and ALS. My interests within the Neuroscience field are in early brain development and neuroethics, but the field continues to surprise me with its different applications and research! Neuroscience beautifully integrates medicine and humanities and personally uncovers a new appreciation for human thought and behavior. I am grateful to be constantly learning and growing from my mentors in labs, classes and the Grey Matters team. In my spare time, you will find me practicing photography, exploring new parts of the city, and spending quality time with my friends and family!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

My first interaction with Grey Matters was being an attendee at a journal club meeting. I remember feeling clueless about the content and nervous about what I would say if the presenter called on me to answer a question. However, I left that meeting feeling very welcomed into the Neuroscience community on campus and curious to learn more despite the intimidating nature of many research topics. For me, Grey Matters serves as a close-knit community where I can openly ask questions free of judgment, discover new interests and build scientific writing skills, and most importantly build quality relationships with peers who share similar goals and values. I look forward to writing and editing more articles for the Grey Matters Journal and leading fun marketing projects. I am so happy to be on this wonderful team and excited for all that is to come!

Podcast Officer: Sid Dharap

Hi everyone! My name is Sid Dharap and I’m a sophomore interested in studying Neuroscience and Philosophy. I love neuroscience because the field offers a truly introspective outlook into our humanity. Whether it’s artistic skill, being a chess grandmaster, or the CEO of 3 different companies, each of our brain’s tick differently. These distinctions make us unique and human. But even within this vast frontier, I hope to focus on the study of neurological diseases and disorders– after all, I was first pulled into the world of neuroscience through my brother’s seizures. I currently work at the Carlson Lab here in Seattle to examine cerebellar structure and changes that occur in those with Alzheimers, with the intent of understanding how Alzheimer’s is caused and how we can better treat it. I know that making advancements in this facet of neuroscience will make an impact on how future generations live their lives and I am excited to (hopefully!) be part of it. In my spare time, I’m stuck in a book or TV show, play basketball or volleyball with friends, or just explore whatever piques my interest.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I joined Grey Matters because I love writing, I love neuroscience, and GM is the perfect combination of both. Through Grey Matters I have been able to fully express my love for neuroscience through writing and spread things I find interesting about it to others. Through outreach events and production, I’ve been able to connect with others about their love for neuroscience and put myself out there to embrace my passion and build new skills.

Finance Officer: Aditi Subramanyam

Hi! I’m Aditi Subramanyam and I’m a junior majoring in neuroscience with a minor in computational neuro and engineering! I’m interested in studying neurodegenerative diseases which lead me to my research in the Bai Lab where I study factors impacting neuronal integrity and I also assist with clinical trials regarding Alzheimers at Harborview! In my spare time, I like trying new coffee shops & cafes, dancing (I’m on the UW Raas team), and hanging out with friends!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I had first joined Grey Matters as an editor freshman year as well as the outreach team on EWN and stayed on both of these my first 2 years as I loved reading about the diverse areas of neuroscience students were exploring as well as reaching out to a variety of communities all tied to one common interest: the brain and its mysteries. I’m glad to have found a close-knit  community of those with the same questions that I do, exploring all possible avenues in neuroscience, and one excited to share that knowledge with the world!

Senior Podcast Officer: Raiyan Khan

Hello everyone! My name is Raiyan (I’m the one on the right in the photo) and I’m a sophomore pursuing a major in computer science with a minor in biology. I’m currently researching genetically modified strains of the bacteria Rhodopseudomonas palustris and measuring bacterial fitness under various environmental conditions at the Harwood Laboratory. One of my main interests is neuroscience, specifically in the cellular and molecular aspects. I also love working with computers in all facets, programming, audio/visual production, and editing! Outside of STEM, I’m a huge fan of history, jurisprudence, and philosophy and I frequently spend my free time reading about these subjects. For recreational activities, I like fishing and swimming.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Being new on the team, what attracted me most to Grey Matters was its core idea of making scientific information more accessible to everyone and the clubs high quality of work, artwork, writing, design, and organization, which I found unique to Grey Matters. It’s a great intersection of my interests, when it comes to neuroscience and computers, and has helped me develop my skills of editing, directing production groups, and management.

Social Media Officer: Amy Bosch

Hi! I’m Amy Bosch and I am a sophomore intending on majoring in Public Health with a minor in Bioethics. As of now, I am on the pre-med route but I am looking forward to exploring other fields within healthcare. My freshman year, I took an intro to psych class which eventually led to a developing interest in neuroscience, particularly behavioral neuroscience. I soon discovered Grey Matters at UW and eventually the supportive environment that comprises it.

Outside of class, I enjoy exploring Seattle (rain or shine), baking, and trying new foods!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Through Grey Matters, I’ve been able to connect with other students that share similar interests as me in a collaborative and encouraging environment. While I initially joined as an editor, I wanted to become more involved with the club which led me to joining the social media team. While social media is adaptive, it has continued to maintain its integral role in promotion and outreach. I’ve found that being part of this team has challenged me to explore my interests further and I am continually inspired by the other interests and experiences of past and current members. I am looking forward to becoming more involved within the club this year :))

Outreach Officer: Emma D’cessare

Hey everyone! My name’s Emma and I’m a second-year majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Anthropology! I am a student researcher in the Hofstetter-Khaing Lab at the Department of Neurological Surgery focusing on the effects and healing processes of spinal cord injury. Currently, we are mostly studying cervical SCI and the mechanisms behind the spiny mouse’s complete regeneration of its CNS cells post-injury! Outside of academics and lab, I love composing and playing music (piano, acoustic guitar, and violin), volunteering at UW Medicine, and doting over animals of every kind.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

When I first came to UW in Autumn of 2021, I was very excited to delve further into the field of neuroscience. Throughout my high school years, there were never many exclusively neuro-related events or opportunities for me to participate in, mostly due to my location and the COVID pandemic. I was very lucky to be chosen as a Direct Admit to the neuro major here at UW, and planned to become involved in as many activities as possible related to this amazing subject. When I came across Grey Matters, I knew I had to join in order to become a part of a group of students like me, passionate and dedicated to the field of neuroscience. I really became involved in the club when I first volunteered for EWN. It was an absolutely wonderful night and I had a blast getting in touch with other neuroscience students. I could really feel the club's teamwork and love for both the field and for each other. From here, I became an author and editor for production, and have been active in the Outreach Team, experiences that have greatly strengthened my teamwork and leadership skills. Neuroscience is my passion, and I am honored to be a part of this neuroscience family.

Outreach Officer: Maeve Bottoms

Hi! I’m Maeve, and I am a second year student intending to major in Neuroscience, with minors in Spanish as well as Neural Computation and Engineering. I am also an undergraduate researcher in the Mizumori Lab at the UW investigating neural circuits underlying learning and memory. Outside of academics, I love to disc golf, cook, and work on my collection of houseplants!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I joined Grey Matters outreach at the end of my first year, and even though I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to pursue neuroscience at the time, going to the events and teaching high schoolers was incredibly rewarding. I eventually branched into all aspects of Grey Matters, including the journal, and continue to contribute however I can to this amazing RSO. The variety within the organization makes it easy to find what you’re passionate about within the realm of neuroscience, and the community of people is consistently supportive and entertaining to be a part of.

Production Manager: Eric Lassiter

Hey there, my name is Eric and I am a junior majoring in neuroscience here at UW. I've had a little bit of an alternative route out of high school, having entered the workforce for a few years prior to finding my passion for learning and turning towards higher education, therefore I love connecting with others to break down the concept of a perfect path towards one's goal. The driving force behind this redirection was simply a fascination and curiosity to comprehend how we are capable of interpreting, moving through, and responding to the world around us. Likewise, I find great purpose in the impact that having this knowledge can make in helping correct neurologic malfunction and disease. Consequently, if I'm not found studying on campus then I am typically helping out in the Ferreira Lab in the department of Neurological Surgery at UWMC, a lab focused on identifying the genetic and molecular signatures of various skull-base tumors to promote novel therapeutics. On the weekends I work as an EMT in the south King County area and, in the midst of this busy schedule, I love to climb indoors as a member of the UW climbing team.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

After transferring from to UW from the community college I attended, I was really looking for a community of peers that shared my interest for neuroscience and offered a space to grow in the knowledge I had thus far. Beyond my love for the subject matter, I was truly drawn to the welcoming environment that Grey Matters presented for not only UW students but for the general public viewership and high school students through outreach events. The field of STEM, neuroscience especially, can seem quite daunting and taboo to enter and admit to any lack of understanding, so I really valued the space that Grey Matters provides to create an environment where it is acceptable to not know or understand just yet.

Production Manager: Eiden Brewer

Hello!!! My name is Eiden, class of 2024, currently majoring in Neuroscience at the UW, with a minor in dance and bioethics. I currently work in a lab that uses stem cell models to do Alzheimer’s Disease research, and I work with CRISPR-Cas-9 and other new methods that are new and exciting in the science fields. I am especially interested in studying neurodegenerative diseases in order to slow and eventually prevent their onset. In my free time, I love dancing (especially tap dance!) and reading books, either about the brain or some good romance novels.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Watching the articles come together and seeing the physical products. I love seeing the starting draft of an article and watch it turn into a powerful and educational article, and have something so complicated get explained in an engaging way. Grey Matters allowed me to find a community of like minded people who are just as passionate about learning and the brain as I am!

Production Manager: Abbey Regan

Hi! My name is Abbey, I’m a junior majoring in computer science and minoring in music and neural computation & engineering. I’m mainly interested in the intersection of genetics and computing, but I’ve always enjoyed neuroscience and learning more about the brain. I currently do research in the Dichek lab analyzing cell-cell interactions and the genetic effects of certain mutations on aneurysms in mice using algorithms and other fun computational stuff. In my free time, I love drawing and classical music and am a member of the UW guitar ensemble!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

Writing and research are two things that go hand in hand, and being a member of Grey Matters has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about scientific writing and how to actually write intelligibly. I really love the opportunity that I’ve had through Grey Matters to both work on my own writing skills and help others improve their writing skills as well! <3

Production Manager: Mikko Epstein-O’Rourke

Hey! I’m Mikko, and I’m a sophomore double majoring in Neuroscience and Anthropology (Human Evolutionary Biology). I am currently a part of the SEPS Lab at Seattle Children’s, delving into the neurological mechanisms and genetics behind Autism Spectrum Disorder at the synaptic level. I’m super interested in the intersection of optogenetics and sleep, as well as sleep’s integral connection to ASD. In my free time, I love to go mountaineering, garden, and spend way too much time on Duolingo learning different languages.

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I love being a part of Grey Matters because it’s a rewarding opportunity to engage with a diverse group of students who all share a passion for neuroscience. Although we all might come from different walks of life, I can count on having both academically challenging and interesting conversations with almost any member I meet. Grey Matters has allowed me to put my own interest in neuroscience into creating free-to-access educational content for anyone who might have a similar passion in this extraordinarily nuanced subject.

Art Officer: Di Mao

Hi, I’m a second-year intended computer science! I’m interested in using technology to help solve biomedical problems, and I especially enjoy data science :). I listen to a lot of music in my spare time, mostly kpop, and of course, I create art!

Why I joined Grey Matters:

I joined Grey Matters as an artist last year, and it has been an extremely fun way to continue a hobby of mine, make new friends, and learn more about neuroscience!