Welcome to Grey Matters Journal Operations! Grey Matters runs a wide variety of events, including EWN, Dawg Daze, and two new events this year: a cultural showcase and a haunted house!

Below are the opportunities to get involved with regular operations teams (e.g. content creation, diversity & outreach, social media, marketing, tech, etc.), as well as teams specific to our events.


This summer, Grey Matters is planning a variety of events to prepare for Fall recruitment and activities. Please consider helping out if you're interested in any of the below!

ECC Cultural Event

Grey Matters often blends neuroscience and art, but this year we want to do so in a culturally diverse manner. Sign up to be a performer, visual artist, or day-of volunteer for an event that we're running at the ECC, focused on the neuroscience of a diverse set of cultural arts! Sign up for all of these by Wednesday, September 20th at 11:59 PM!

Haunted House

Given how frightening neuroscience can seem to the unfamiliar, we're taking it upon ourselves to run an event dedicated to fear! This haunted house explains the science behind the scares to make neuroscience less intimidating. Get more information on the positions in the planning committee and apply here!

Marketing Team

Marketing team works to secure product and monetary sponsorships, collate email lists to advertise our events at UW and beyond, and spread the word about Grey Matters opportunties and fundraisers.

Marketing team applications are currently closed. Please check back later for updates!

Social Media Team

The SMT assists the Social Media Director with the management of Grey Matters' social media presence. This includes content production, platform maintenance, and promotional activities.  Together with the Social Media Director, this role will allow the daily activities on the social media accounts to operate smoothly. The SMT will become more familiar with popular social media platforms, such as Instagram and LinkedIn, by designing content for our hundreds of followers.

Applications are currently closed. We'll be opening them later this summer. Subscribe to our applications mailing list for updates! We do not use your information for anything other than the list, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Podcasts have become more and more popular in recent years as a great way to learn while occupied with other tasks; Grey Matters is excited to be a part of this new wave! Additionally, we aim to be as accessible as possible, and a recorded format improves the listening experience for people with disabilities.

Podcasts will primarily be targeted toward reading aloud articles we've produced, and we'll have production groups for them similar to the way we have them for articles. The following positions are open in podcast production groups:

  • Narrators are the voice of the podcast! We just need you for a couple hours to record and you're all set!
  • Editors process the audio after recording to filter out background noise, stitch in clips, and add in some music!
  • Both narrators AND editors have a role in talking on the podcast! It's a great opportunity to add in your voice and creativity. However, the main focus of the podcast will be on the narrator while the editor handle's the editing process.

Podcast applications are located here, and will close October 8th at 11:59pm. We hope to see you all there!

Tech Team

The tech team works on implementing features into the Grey Matters website to improve accessibility, navigation, and design across the entire website.

No experience of any kind is required! Grey Matters is above all else a mentoring organization, and much of what we do will involve teaching you the skills necessary for your chosen role, whether that is user experience (UX) design, research, or the programming languages you've been dying to learn.

Each position meets every week or two weeks and is responsible for checking in with their project progress. Below is what's available!

  • UX Designer: Responsible for creating low to mid quality designs, come up with webpage layouts, bring new ideas for webpage features
  • UX Researcher: Responsible for holding interviews with users to get feedback about the Grey Matters website, creating surveys to gather user information, conduct Grey Matters website user testing
  • Front-End Developer: Responsible for coding out features in HTML/CSS/Javascript, learn Handlebars and bootstrap frameworks, push/pull code from GitHub

Apply Here!

Content Team

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is quite literally thousands of images. As EWN has helped us grow our YouTube channel, and we've piloted videos on TikTok we've become more and more interested in creating animated videos that partner with our articles. We'd also like to introduce greater coverage of Grey Matters' activities and interviews from neuroscientists in the area. This fall, we're getting these ideas off the ground!

The following positions are open on the content team:

  • Script Writers work with Grey Matters members and event coordinators to plan video storyboards!
  • Filmers are in charge of collecting high quality footage with provided camera and audio equipment!
  • Video Editors stitch together our videos and reformat and cut clips to be posted to other social media platforms!
  • Music Producers work on producing background tracks for Grey Matters content.

Applications for content team are now open, and will be rolling indefinitely! Please apply with via this Google Form and send any questions to thalamus@greymattersjournal.org!