Welcome to Grey Matters Snippet! Broadening our undergraduate neuroscience journal production at the University of Washington, Snippet offers new authors an avenue to produce and publish short 500-800-word articles tailored to two to three neuroscience-focused research articles. To enhance the accessibility of neuroscience to readers and authors alike, Snippet is committed to bridging the gap between the forefront of neuroscience research and the public, promoting scientific literacy through practical application, and fostering skills in scientific communication and critical analysis. Snippet is thus an ideal program for new Grey Matters authors or anyone interested in a gentle introduction to reading and producing academic neuroscience content.

To pursue our mission, the Snippet program employs a two-phase process. The first phase dedicates a week to the authors to explore their chosen neuroscience topic while developing integral skills of critical reading, analysis, organization, and oral communication. The second phase entails outlining, drafting, collaborative editing, and publishing the snippet article in a multi-step process with the collaboration of peer authors, core editors, and graduate student reviewers.

Supplementing our rigorous biphasic curriculum is Snippet's unique and collaborative pod system. To enhance engagement, focus, and cohesion, snippets are closely matched by interest or shared topic and are subsequently placed into small cohorts or pods of three authors. Each pod of three authors is guided and led by an experienced core editor who functions as both a core editor and a mentor of each pod.

The minimum time commitment to snippet is around 2-3 hours per week with the sign-in publication of a 500-800 word neuroscience-research-focused article on our website by the program's end.

We ask that interested individuals review the following information before applying to be a snipper.

  • You may apply for as many positions as you like though we will only accept you into one position for the snippet cycle. Example: You apply for both core editor and snipper but are only accepted as a core editor.
  • If you would like to be considered for multiple positions, please fill out the applications for all of those positions. We may consider people for positions they have not applied for, but this is rare and not guaranteed.
  • Please note: All application forms require sign-in with a UW NetID to get access.

See below for position descriptions, and read them carefully before applying.

In general, production meetings will take place on Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 PM in HSEB 125 for those who apply and are accepted. If this does not work for you, contact us via thalamus@greymattersjournal.org, and we will do our best to make alternative arrangements, including virtual, synchronous attendance, or participation in a virtual, asynchronous production group.


Snippet applications are now closed and will open the first week of every quarter. If you have any questions, please email thalamus@greymattersjournal.org or message us on our Discord server! We highly recommend attending our welcome meeting with more details to be determined! Please also carefully read the following descriptions for each position before applying.

Snippet Core Editor

Snippet Core Editors are the backbone of the program, ensuring that each pod and author are receiving the necessary support, guidance, and feedback to progress smoothly through the production cycle. To effectively manage and guide their respective pods, core editors are responsible for tracking snipper's documents and progress throughout the program, conducting weekly pod mentoring and workshops, providing critical and constructive feedback on snippers' projects and articles, and fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment within respective snippet pods.

If you have participated in any production program within Grey Matters for at least two quarters please consider applying.

Applications can be found here! They will close on 4/1 at 11:59 PM PST.


Grey Matters is a unique scientific journal in large part due to the high-quality illustrations that accompany each article. Artists work closely with both their assigned snippers and the Grey Matters art director to produce illustrations in a variety of mediums for the journal. Please review previous issues and snippets of Grey Matters to see the variety of illustrations we have printed in the past.

Interested? Apply here! They will close on 4/3 at 11:59 PM PST


Snippet authors, or snippers, are integral members of the Snippet Program. During the course of the program, authors of all levels will develop and refine skills crucial to finding, reading, interpreting, editing, and communicating neuroscience research effectively in the context of academic and popular articles.

To begin writing a Snippet article, we ask that snippers come in to the program with a neuroscience topic that interests and excites you. If you are interested in something there is most likely a neuroscience connection behind the item of interest (ex: Interest in beauty, writing on neuro-aesthetics). We will work together to narrow down and focus your broad interest into a specific, research-based topic for your Snippet Article.

Applications can be found here! They will close on 4/3 at 11:59 PM PST!

Notice: We understand that commitments can shift and we hope to support all authors in reaching a publication with Snippet. Should a snipper withdraw from the program cycle, they will be encouraged to participate in the subsequent cycle to finalize the article and ensure publication. In cases, where the author has failed to join or finish the article within a second cycle, the article will be dismissed entirely. To avoid article withdrawal we are willing to work with your schedule, whether providing extensions, changes in pod meetings, or devising a break as long as it's agreed upon by your pod, snippet leadership, and your core editor.