Editor’s Note

The beauty of exploring the vast world of neuroscience is that there is never a shortage of topics to discuss. From studying neurons microscopically, to exploring diseases of the nervous system, to understanding the neural basis for behaviors–the brain proves to be an unimaginably complex and versatile subject. These extensive possibilities keep neuroscience journals like Grey Matters relevant and interesting.

Begin your reading of Issue 11 with the development of the nervous system at the microscopic level in Jonathan Lam’s article, “Moving Toward Motion” on page 43. Take a dive into the neuroscience of disease and injury with featured articles “Ketamine: A Novel Treatment for Major Depression” by Vanessa Kasties (pg. 48) and “A Royal Pain” by Jan Jimenez (pg. 38). Understand the neural basis of behavior with Molly Lindstrom’s “Power Play” (pg. 7) or Emily Jackson’s “Criminal Minds” (pg. 20). These topics show the importance of neuroscience though scientific, social, and even historical perspectives.

We hope the articles in this issue of Grey Matters provide our readers with both a macro- and a micro-level understanding of the brain and its various functions. As science communicators, we constantly welcome new perspectives and insight into research. If you are an undergraduate with a novel question or mode of studying the brain and behavior, we encourage you to participate in the article writing process! Grey Matters is the perfect place for curious minds.

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Molly Lindstrom