These questions are roughly in order of difficulty. Enjoy!

  1. Fill in the Article Quote: “A comparison of head impact frequency across different levels of play showed that high school football players on average experienced 565 head impacts per season and college players ____ impacts, showing that even athletes who do not play at the professional level may still be at risk for getting CTE.”
  2. Fill in the Article Quote: “After observing this powerful effect in _____________, German scientists realized the phenomenon could be extended to humans, which led to the discovery of the incredibly lethal nerve agents developed during World War II.”
  3. Fill in the Article Quote: “One of the biggest pitfalls of artificial neural networks, and machine learning in general, is the lack of ___________.”
  4. How many members of the current Grey Matters Journal leadership team are wearing long sleeves in their pictures?
  5. In what quarter was the first Grey Matters issue released?
  6. What is the name (first and last) of the scientist who proposed a new technique using polyacrylate polymers in 2015?
  7. What’s an antidote to social media addiction? It’s a 3-letter word.
  8. EWN 2015 took place on April 10th, 2015 in the _______ Auditorium.
  9. What is the full title of the article whose featured art is the background image of the website?
  10. How many article titles on the website have something that most college students wish they could get more of? (Hint: It’s the opposite of an eye-opener.)
  11. Which of the following animals have been the main topic of a Grey Matters article? Dogs, cats or birds?
  12. What animal is in the bathtub of a spatial map?
  13. How many neurons are above each coffee mug in the art for this tremor-centric article? (We're looking for two numbers here.)
  14. What color are the MSG ‘Menace’s eyes? (If you experience color-blindness, feel free to reference the color of something else in the same image.)
  15. What color is the giant Buddha face? (If you experience color-blindness, feel free to reference the color of something else in the same image.)
  16. How many pieces of paper are in the air above the trash can with the pink “memories” book in it?
  17. What memory disorder is linked to a different allele of the Alzheimer’s gene? (Hint: The article about it is a cover article.)
  18. Which article posted in 2020 has the most sources?
  19. How many sources does the article from question 18 have?
  20. Which two questions of this scavenger hunt have the same answer?

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