General Information

Leadership applications are currently closed, and will open on Sunday, October 1 at 11:59 PM to close two weeks later on Sunday, October 15 at 11:59 PM. Please read the position descriptions below before applying; they'll be updated this Sunday when applications are released to reflect the relevant positions that are open.

Production Manager

Flexible position keeping journal production running smoothly. Contributes to article acceptance decisions, leadership edits, and proof-reading finished articles. Must also be willing to fill positions on the quarterly journal production team when needed.

Required skills:

  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Familiarity with Grey Matters journal production process

Preferred skills:

  • Strong self-motivation for projects outside of official responsibilities

Social Media Manager

In charge of maintaining social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to increase online presence for Grey Matters. Maintain communication and interaction with Grey Matter partners and sister chapters.

Required skills:

  • Have ideas about expanding social media presence
  • Organize and create social media plan and release schedule
  • Familiarity with social media platforms
  • Design skills for creating social media posts

Preferred skills:

  • Prior knowledge of design tools (Canva, photoshop, etc.)

Website Manager

The website manager is in charge of upkeep of Grey Matters’ beautiful website, as well as brainstorming innovative enhancements of it to make it more engaging, interactive, informative, organized, and beautiful.

Required skills:

  • Programming experience
  • A willingness to learn

Preferred skills:

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge (and if possible, Handlebars!)
  • Opinions and ideas about website design
  • Courage and initiative to propose and create new features
  • Attention to detail

Art Officer

Assist art director with editing artwork for final publication, overseeing and providing feedback for artists, planning annual art gallery events, and running art workshops to provide tips for artists.

Required skills:

  • Experience with different art mediums and styles
  • Familiarity with editing platforms
  • Strong communication and organization skills, and overall flexibility

Marketing Director

Increase Grey Matters’ visibility via a variety of methods including coordinating with the social media director, working with UW departments/orgs, and other techniques. Help build an organizational marketing and strategic plan. Coordinate with funding and outreach activities, including building a Together UW crowdfunding campaign.

Required skills:

  • Effective communication (including speaking and writing, especially emails) and teamwork skills
  • Creativity and openness to explore new ways GM can expand its marketing toolkit
  • Flexibility and time management

Outreach Director

The outreach director is responsible for expanding Grey Matters’ audience, with a focus on individuals and communities underrepresented in neuroscience. This includes contacting other organizations for collaborations and brainstorming creative ideas for how to make these collaborations welcoming, engaging, and meaningfully beneficial.

Required skills:

  • Effective communication, especially via email
  • Skill at making connections and introductions
  • Creativity and flexibility
  • Dedication to fostering accessibility and diversity

Preferred skills:

  • Design and editing skills (Photoshop, Canva)
  • Basic video editing skills