We typically start planning EWN during Winter Quarter. The EWN committee typically meets once a week for an hour during Winter quarter and the first few weeks of Spring quarter to plan the event.

Below are the positions on the planning team:

  • Day-of Coordinator: handles all of the madness of the day of EWN – coordinating volunteers, setup, decoration, and takedown. Ensures recording and streaming equipment is properly set up so that the event is well-covered and viewers can engage properly online as well as in-person.
  • Pre-Panel Event Coordinator: plans and coordinates pre-panel events for EWN an hour before the panel begins, ensuring art, technology, and anatomy coverage! Creativity in designing both engaging and relaxing events is paramount.
  • Interview Team: brainstorm questions for panelists and participate in meetings with them that are recorded as interviews, and edit them to be posted to our YouTube channel prior to the event! The goal here is to give attendees a sense of whom they'll be talking to before the event begins so they can ask effective questions.
  • Marketing Team: secure sponsorships for EWN (see the Sponsors page), create promotional materials, and send them out all around UW prior to the event!
  • Outreach Team: lead the charge in making our event accessible, from the website to the pre-panel activities to the panel itself. Work on captioning videos, as well as advertising it to underrepresented or economically disadvantaged communities both inside and outside Washington.
  • Tech Team: develop an interactive, online platform for viewers to engage with before and during the event! Design each website page to be artistic and eyecatching, and create some activities for people to do when they watch virtually.
  • Video Editing Team: piece together short, cute, engaging video highlights from the panelist interviews. Assist with recording and putting together the online video content for EWN 2024 prior to the event to get attendees excited and establish a lasting online presence after the event!
  • Art Team: create eye-catching interpretations of science based on your own imagination to give our event an artsy exhibition! We're planning on hosting an art gallery both on our website and on the day of the event. Additionally, you'll get to work on decorations and theming for the venue!

For more detail on what EWN looks like, please see the EWN website and our YouTube channel!


Applications for the EWN 2024 Planning Committee are now closed. Thank you for your interest and we hope you all enjoy EWN 2024!