The tech team works on implementing features into the Grey Matters website to improve accessibility, navigation, and design across the entire website.

No experience of any kind is required! Grey Matters is above all else a mentoring organization, and much of what we do will involve teaching you the skills necessary for your chosen role, whether that is user experience (UX) design, research, or the programming languages you've been dying to learn.

Each position meets every week or two weeks and is responsible for checking in with their project progress.

Positions available:

  • UX Designer: Responsible for creating low to mid quality designs, come up with webpage layouts, bring new ideas for webpage features
  • UX Researcher: Responsible for holding interviews with users to get feedback about the Grey Matters website, creating surveys to gather user information, conduct Grey Matters website user testing
  • Front-End Developer: Responsible for coding out features in HTML/CSS/Javascript, learn Handlebars and bootstrap frameworks, push/pull code from GitHub

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